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It's been ages since I've updated. I am currently sick. No I have not been this whole time.

I recently started college in December to be a pharmacist. I hope to make a difference someday.

Marriage is going wonderfully. sadly my husband was wrongfully terminated by his company when he had to call off to take care of me.

Oh well. Move on to something better right?
So much has happened lately. Christmas was amazing. But sadly the company my husband worked for decided to fire him. Wait until I tell you guys why.

He was taking too many days off.... K.. So out of 365 days in a year, my husband took off 16 to care for my health, or his.

They fired him.... And the boss even told him beforehand he was trying to find a reason to fire him. That in turn created a hostile enviroment for my husband.

This will not stand and we are working on a case against them.

Sadly though. His insurance got cut off on the 28th. This means meds are tough to get. I need help affording my meds. Please post a comment here and I can give info if people are interested in helping.

Or sending non-perishable food would help.

We also lost our truck to repossession because of all this..

But this won't dampen my new year. Things will get better.

My health is good other than needing surgery on my sinuses, kidney stones, and cervix!

I hope everyone else is in good health!
My mood just went to shit... :/

People are being so rude today. It hurts... v_____v
Thank you, to my donor and their family... Whomever they are, and wherever they are.

Remember these pics guys?

I crawled through hell. And now I breathe!!

Oct. 14th, 2009

Sick the past few weeks.

I had liver stones at the beginning of the month, along with kidney stones. I turned yellow and couldn't function with the pain.

I got surgery to remove them, and I seem to have some odd cold bronchitis I can't shake.

Sep. 21st, 2009

More videos.. This is just one long... Speechish thing?

Let me know what you think...


God works through me......

I may not be able to be in the air force. I may not be able to be a doctor, nor can I be a firefighter.

But I can bring comfort to those who feel pain, and need someone who has been there, or is there....

Jun. 29th, 2009

But Billy Mays died.. Which actually really upset me like the other three celebs dying this past week..

But someone pointed out he had a good set of lungs on him...

Forgive me for saying this but, WAS HE AN ORGAN DONOR?

If he was... Holy hell that person receiving his lungs is going to have one hell of gift!!!